Legazpi City maintains preparedness for barangays within 8-km danger zone of Mayon


Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal said that the city maintains its preparedness amid the raising of alert status of Mt. Mayon to Alert Level 3.

Mayor Rosal and officials of Legazpi held a meeting with the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) at 12 noon today.

According to Rosal, “no eminent major explosion” is expected in the coming days even amid the Alert Level 3 declaration over Mayon Volcano.

“As of 12noon today during the meeting of the office of civil defense(OCD) at TOG5,legazpi eminent major explosion in days and alert level 3 remains accrdng to phivolks dr ed laguerta(resident volcanologists),” the mayor said.

The recent activities of Mayon mean that Legazpi maintains its preparedness, especially its barangays located in the extended 8 kilometer danger zone.

“[T]hat means we maintain preparedness for our 5 bgys in the extended 8km danger zone,” said Rosal.

The barangays affected are: Mabinit, Bonga, Matanag, Boyoan, and Padang

The mayor said that the city is ready in case of preemptive evacuation is required.

The city earlier suspended activities within the extended 8-km danger zone such as golf in Ladang, ATV ride to mayon,agricultural activities,hiking to Mayon and other activities.

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