Alburoto! Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar warns constituents of ash fall from Volcano


The famous Mayon Volcano is acting up, spewing up clouds of ash over Albay.

Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar shared photos of the ash fall, taken by other users, on his Facebook page.

He warned Albay residents to take care and for asthmatics to make sure they are wearing masks lest the ash exacerbate their conditions.

He also cited reports saying the ash fall feels painful when it hits the eyes and nose.

Take care, everyone!

“ASH FALL si MayonIngat na lang tayo guys. Mask din sa mga may asthma.God bless us all.Pictures credit to Judith Nero Noleal Tinia, Marietta Grageda,” he posted.

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