My sassy tindera! Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza shares vendor’s snappy retort to price increase complaint


The increase in the prices of basic goods affects us all and raises the hackles of many, but it’s also good to listen to the other side.

This was what Brooke’s Point, Palawan Councilor Ton Abengoza did when he visited a public market recently.

In a Facebook post, he narrated that he informed a fish vendor of complaints about the rising prices of fish.

And what did the vendor say? Well, the vendor told the politiko that those complaining could borrow their boats and catch the fish themselves, and then the vendors would be the ones to buy the catch.

This is another perspective to consider.

“Day 3

Brooke’s tidbits:

I told fish vendor in public market:

Me: “May nagrereklamo sa facebook sa mahal ng isda ngayon”

Vendor: “Pakisabi kagawad sa mga nagrereklamo na ipahiram namin ang bangka namin at sila ang manghuli ng isda at kami ang mag-kompra (mamimili) ng huli nilang isda” Abengoza posted on Facebook.

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