Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman enjoys being a young lolo


Who would’ve thought that 45-year-old Grex Lagman, a former Albay representative from the Lagman clan, is a grandfather?

Grex still has 15 years before he becomes eligible for a senior citizen card and its discounts, but he is already called a lolo.

And he doesn’t mind at all being “grandfathered” by his eldest son Josh three years ago.

In a Facebook post, he said the last three years of being a lolo had been a blessing because of his adorable and intelligent apo, Nathan Luis.

Since he’s relatively young and strong, there are many things that he and Nathan could do together. In fact, he’s already looking forward to playing basketball with him when he turns 7!

“Me and my grandson, Nathan Luis Lagman. I’m happy my eldest son Josh “grandfathered” me at age 42. I’m 45 now. The past three years have been a blessing. Thanks to his cute and very intelligent son. Can’t wait to play basketball with this kid when he’s 7! ?,” he posted.

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