Old words, timeless advice! Cam Sur Rep. Noli Fuentebella calls for unity among lawmakers


Camarines Sur Rep. Noli Fuentebella has recalled the words of an old speech to share his wisdom to his new colleagues.

In a #WednesdatWisdom post, the politiko shared portions of his speech when he ascended to the post of House Speaker in 2000, a time when the nation was in flux.

In his speech, he called on colleagues to transcend their personal interests and work for the goof of the people, so that they could fulfill what they were elected to do. He asked House members to let go of their animosities and focus on the country’s welfare.

He may have made the speech nearly eighteen years ago, but they still ring true and could apply to the situation in Congress today!

Here is a portion of his speech: …transcend personal interests and strive to work together for the common good of our people, to help alleviate poverty and to deliver what our constituents have sent us to do. I appeal to the House to shed animosities because the nation needed us, and that we should show the world that we could unite and rise above the challenges we faced.”

(Excerpt from Acceptance Speech as House Speaker/ November 14, 2000).

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