Legazpi City Mayor Rosal proposes bilateral deal with Hengyang City, China


Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal said that he proposed a bilateral agreement in tourism and agriculture with Hengyang City, China.

Mayor Rosal shared a news article published in Hengyang City located in Hunan province about his recent trip in the said city.

According to him, Hengyang is the second largest city in Hunan province.

“Newspaper article today of Hengyang city and Legazpi city partnership meeting in hengyang city,Hunan province,” he said.

“It is the 2nd biggest city in hunan province,” he added.

The mayor said that the agreement is Legazpi City’s way of supporting the pivot of the Duterte administration to China.

“We proposed bilateral agreement in tourism and agriculture. This is also in support of the national goverments trust of more productive partnership with china,” he said.

Just last month, Mayor Rosal also arranged a sisterhood agreement with Incheon City, South Korea. He said then that the South Korean city was looking forward to build a partnership program with his city.

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