Naga Mayor Bongat acts on complaint on erring taxi drivers


Naga City Mayor John Bongat has started his day today, January 6, with a meeting to resolve a complaint regarding a complaint on erring taxi drivers.

Mayor Bongat said that all’s well that ends well as he was able to reconcile both sides with the help of some executive heads in the province.

Mayor Bongat was joined by the Naga City Arts, Culture and Tourism Office (ACTO) Head Alec Francis Altea and Public Safety Office (PSO) Executive Director Renne Gumba.

“All’s well that ends well. CONCILIATED FIRST THING IN THE MORNING TODAY complainant Anjo Santos and the concerned taxi drivers, in the presence of PSO Executive Director Renne Gumba and ACTO Head Alec Francis Altea Santos, whom we have invited to the Mayor’s Office to thresh out their differences,” said Mayor Bongat.

The meeting yielded positive result as the taxi drivers committed to follow rules issued by the LRTFRB.

“The taxi drivers have committed themselves to observing judiciously all LTFRB Rules and Regulations, particularly the rule against overcharging of passengers,” Mayor Bongat said.

Meanwhile, the PSO asked if they could be deputized by the LTFRB so that they could apprehend erring taxi drivers.

“PSO has requested to be deputized by LTFRB as enforcer of such rules, and will not hesitate to issue TOP citation tickets against erring taxi drivers in the city,” he added.

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