No to tobacco pa din! Tabaco City Councilor Sheina Onrubia to continue anti-smoking campaign


Despite Tabaco City’s vigorous anti-smoking campaign, many residents continue to enjoy the unhealthy habit of cigarette smoking.

This was what Tabaco City Councilor Sheina Onrubia observed during one of her bike rides in the city, which saddened her.

Among the avid smokers are laborers, who must have spent their hard-earned money for the dangerous habit, she noted.

This just only goes to show that there is a need to ramp up the city’s ‘Tobacco-Free Tabaco’ campaign, said the councilor, the primary author of the tobacco-free ordinance.

She is determined to rid Tabaco of tobacco!

“After the rainy holidays, I have finally hit the road today in my usual biking spree. I have passed by a cargo firm, and I have seen laborers (almost all of them) squandering their hard-earned money in cigarette smoking. I have thought of how difficult it was for them to earn that money in a whole-day cargo labor, and how their families have excitedly look forward to spend it in decent meals. The City Government of Tabaco may have done considerably a lot of initiatives towards our ‘Tobacco-Free Tabaco’ campaign which was recognized recently by DOH, giving us the prestigious Red Orchid Award. However, it is apparent that the main objective of the very first health ordinance I primarily authored in the Sanggunian back in 2011 (Tobacco-Free Tabaco Ordinance), which was to lead smokers to clean and smoke-free living has not been achieved yet. Dai pa lamang. I have realized, we have only just begun. Padagos sana! A happy and healthy 2018 po, Tabaco City!,” she posted on Facebook.

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