Naga Mayor Bongat praises ‘outstanding’ Bicol Central Station general manager for generating P48M earning in 2017


Naga City John Bongat has hailed the general manager of Bicol’s biggest bus station after it raked in close to P50 million into the city’s coffers last year.

Mayor Bongat held an inspection in Bicol Central Station in Naga City yesteraday together with the “outstanding” General Manager of the bus station Nonoy Reforsado.

“INSPECTING Bicol’s Biggest Bus Terminal, the Bicol Central Station (BCS) in Naga City, with the long-haired Nonoy Reforsado last year and the short-haired Nonoy Reforsado this year, the outstanding manager of BCS,” said Mayor Bongat.

According to Mayor Bongat, the Bicol Central Station brought P48 million to the city’s purse last year which was P5 million higher than the P43 million generated in 2016.

“Thanks to all the clients of BCS, a lucrative economic enterprise of the city that brought Php48 million pesos into the city’s coffers in 2017, up by Php5 million compared to the previous year’s Php43 million,” said Mayor Bongat.

The mayor said that the revenue grew tremendously year-on-year after the city took over the operation of the station.

“BCS revenue generation shows tremendous year-on-year improvement from –
CY 2014 (Take Over by the City) Gross of 35.9M and Net of 26.1M;
to CY 2015 Gross of 39.6M and Net of 27M;
to CY 2016 Gross of 43.5M and Net – 31.2M;
to CY 2017 Gross of 48M,” said Mayor Bongat.

The mayor also applauded the “innovations” done to the bus terminal which brought satisfaction to all the clients.

The mayor hailed the innovations “like Bus Operating System, Terminal Display System, Bus Tracking System, Safe Travels Program, Free Public Wifi, Reblocking of Tarmac, among many other innovations and improvements, all aimed at providing maximum client satisfaction!”

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