Help is coming! Barcelona, Sorsogon Mayor Wowo Fortes thanks volunteers for repacking and distributing relief goods


The heavy rains brought by Agaton left many residents of Barcelona, Sorsogon stranded in their homes.

But they won’t need to worry anymore, because Mayor Wowo Fortes said relief goods are on their way.

Fortes joined the repacking of items for the affected residents, which include canned goods, noodles, and rice.

He also expressed his appreciation for the volunteers who took care of the relief goods and offered to distribute them to the numerous homes.

It’s times like these when residents would definitely be glad to see their local government in action.

“Relief Goods Assistance to the constituents of Barcelona who were restrained from Work due to the incessant rain for the past week. Thanks to the repacking/distribution volunteers!,” Fortes posted on Facebook.

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