Pahabol pa! Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe is cake-giving santa for New Year


Before the year ended, Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe got the chance to play santa once more.

Batocabe made sure his staff members got to deliver a cake for the 84th birthday of Nanay Daria on December 31, which had been her wish a few months ago.

The request was made after the politiko visited Nanay Daria’s barangay last October and gifted her with a wheelchair. Nanay Daria was blind and living with her relatives.

Her sister then told Batocabe that Nanay Daria hoped for a cake for her forthcoming birthday.

Batocabe had to be in Manila on December 31, but his staff members fulfilled the octogenarian’s wish.

They hiked to her barangay in Daraga, only to learn that she went to stay with relatives in Cruzada, Legazpi because she got sick. They looked for her in Legazpi and found her there.

Thankfully, they found her, and Nanay Daria was very happy to get her longed-for birthday cake!

“A promise fulfilled. A wish granted. Last October 21, we hiked to a relatively remote sitio of de la Paz, Daraga, Albay to deliver a wheelchair to Nanay Daria who was blind and living with her other two sisters. One of the sisters , Nanay Liza,requested and told us that she wished to have a cake on her 84th b- day on December 31. Come Drcember 31, I have to go back to Manila but instructed my staff to keep our promise. So they went back and hiked to de la Paz only to find out that Nanay Liza got sick and recuperating with relatives in Cruzada, Legazpi. So again, they looked for her in Cruzada and luckily, she was hale, hearty and happy to receive what she wished for — a birthday cake! Glad to have made one soul happy before the year ends,” Batocabe shared on Facebook.

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