As 2018 starts, Masbate Vice Gov. Revil looks forward to seize the opportunities it may bring


For Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil, waking up on the first day of the new year is a blessing in itself as she looks forward to seize the next 364 days of 2018.

“Waking up to the 1st of 2018’s 365 days is in itself a blessing. To have the chance to reflect on the many ways that the Blesser has been with us in every facet of our being is a testimony of His goodness,” the vice-governor said.

Revil said that although a person’s life is unpredictable, it is the biggest opportunity awaiting to be seized.

“Our lives, though unpredictable to a great extent are the biggest opportunities that we have- awaiting to be seized every day, every moment, as we intentionally realize all the potentials that could be,” the vice governor said.

Moreover, the Revil also said that the we should all be the “difference” that the world needs as she looks forward for a meaningful and peaceful year.

“As we live up to the resolutions we made- of living, loving, letting live, feeding- our souls, our being, our senses- may we reckon from within all the wisdom & courage we can muster, to be the difference that the world needs for a more joyful, peaceful, meaningful co-existence,” Revil said.

The 2017 was proved to be a blessed year for Revil as an unexpected opportunity came along her way – to star in a new movie.

The politiko earlier shared that an indie film director has invited her be part of his new movie in 2018. Revil said then that she was “discovered” by the director through her Facebook live videos.

Revil revealed recently in a Facebook post that she has already accepted the offer for her to star in a new movie and the shooting will start “very soon.”

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