Mangisda ng tama! Occidental Mindoro Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro warns vs bottom trawling


They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but this may not be true for long if we don’t stop destructive fishing practices.

Occidental Mindoro Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro has taken to Facebook to call for a stop to bottom trawling, which destroys soft seabed habitats of various marine creatures. The practice also catches young marine organisms.

These could lead to the depletion of marine resources, which is why the use of all types of trawl are prohibited in municipal waters.

Alfaro would like fishermen and fishing companies to take heed, and for his Facebook followers to join him in the campaign.

He’d also like help on one other matter. How do you say bottom trawling in tagalog?

“Did you know that bottom trawling can damage vital seafloor habitats? All types of trawl are considered ‘active fishing gears’ and are not allowed in municipal waters. Bottom trawls destroy important soft-seabed habitats and catch huge numbers of young marine organisms.

ANO ANG BOTTOM TRAWLING SA TAGALOG?,” he posted on Facebook.

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