Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza plays surrogate Santa


For some people, giving to others is enough and they don’t need the attention and praise that comes with it.

This seems to be the case with a friend of Brooke’s Point, Palawan Councilor Ton Abengoza, who served as surrogate Santa to distribute the financial assistance sent by a friend of is to help patients in a government-run hospital.

Abengoza distributed the financial assistance to the patients, mostly indigenous peoples, who were chosen as recipients with the help of hospital officials.

This is the third year this has been done, said the councilor, who thanked his friend for the generosity and wished him more blessings.

You know the donor is sincere in the gesture if he asks for nothing in return.

“Dec. 14, 2017:Gift Giving to less fortunate patients @ Govt. HospitalA Facebook friend of mine abroad with a kind heart sent a certain amount to be distributed to our less fortunate kababayan in a govt. hospital (Southern Palawan Provincial Hospital).i was only tasked to give the financial assistance to patients mostly Indigenous People (IP) who were earlier identified by hospital authorities.My thanks to Chief Nurse Juanita Alejandro Sanjuan and Gail Bucsit for the assistance.To our donor who wants to be anonymous until now since we started it 3 years ago, Bless your heart and may God grant you good health!,” Abengoza posted on Facebook.

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