Naga Mayor Bongat receives gift from female inmates of city jail


Naga City Mayor John Bongat received an unexpected gift from the female inmates of Naga City District Jail when he visited them yesterday.

Mayor Bongat was doing his annual gift giving event at the city jail when he received a gift – a holding cross specially made for him by the female residents of the facility.

“THANK YOU TO THE FEMALE RESIDENTS of the Naga City District Jail for giving me this Holding Cross during our visit there yesterday, which they themselves made from black and white beads,” Mayor Bongat said.

Moreover, the mayor vowed to continue to support and provide opportunities for the inmates to make them productive while serving their sentences.

“As promised, the city will continue supportimg BJMP’s programs like providing opportunities for education thru the alternative learning system and handicraft making, to kerp them busy and make them productive as well while spending time within the confines of the facility,” said Bongat.

The Mayor went yesterday to distrubute some Christmas giveaways to all residents of Naga City District Jail, a tradition started by his predecessor, the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo.

According to Bongat, he has been doing this for eight straight years now since he was first elected as the local chief executive of Naga City in 2010.

However, this year is quite different since it was the first time that his son joined him in this annual gift giving tradition.