Boycott muna sa lechon? Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza munches on greens at Xmas bash


For Brooke’s Point, Palawan Councilor Ton Abengoza, you can enjoy a party even without lechon.

Politikos are usually invited to numerous gatherings especially during the holidays, and Abengoza is no exception.

But the many parties he had attended had him indulging in too much meaty goodness, so he has decided to cut back on his intake.

Recently, he attended a fete at Barangay Pangobilan and decided to stick to greens.

But that didn’t mean he turned into a grouch.

He looked like he still enjoyed the eggplant and tomato salad he indulged in, and even shared photos of the dishes on Facebook.

“Here @ Christmas Party of Bgy. Pangobilian. Salad-salad muna tayo, grabe na meat intake ko sa sunod-sunod na xmas parties.. ,” he posted.

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