Anyare kay Rudolph? Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia loves the city’s santa with his padyak sleigh

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Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia loves the the city’s Christmas Village, including its Santa Claus display with a local flavor.

The display features jolly old St. Nick in his usual red get up, but minus his classic sidekicks— the reindeer.

Instead of reindeer, this oragon Santa is using the padyak, or the tricycle, as sleighs to bring gifts to those who’ve been good.

Well, whatever mode of transportation Santa uses, what’s important is that he gets to make the good little boys and girls happy!

“You will find Santa Claus in his Padyak Sleigh as a classic attraction in our Christmas Village. ,” Onrubia posed, along with a video of the Santa display.