Naga Mayor Bongat makes surprise visit to a children’s homecare


Naga Mayor Bongat made a surprise visit recently to a children’s home owned by the City last November 30.

Bongat visited Naga City Children’s Home (NCCH) “on the last day of the National Children’s Month and on the eve of the 1st day of the Christmas month of December.”

The mayor said he was delighted to see the faces of the kids who are now being nurtured by the homecare which was established in 2013.

“Happy to see the bright and jolly faces of these children who, if not for this values-oriented, education-focused homecare program of the city which was established in March 2013 (towards the end of my first term as mayor), would have remained abandoned and neglected, with nary any hope of a bright future ahead of them,” said Bongat.

The Naga City celebrated the National Children’s month in November, where Bongat delivered the State of the Children Address.

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