Dapat tularan ng politiko! Irosin officials commend trike driver for returning cash and other vehicles left by a passenger

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The Sangguniang Bayan officials of Irosin have found their model citizen in the person of tricycle driver Arvin Balaguer Balis.

The officials passed a resolution commending Balis for returning a pouch with P14,000 in cash, a bag with P600, a cellular phone, and reading glasses left behind by his passengers.

The politikos noted that despite his own financial need, Balis chose to do what’s right. They awarded him a P5,000 gift to show their appreciation for his honesty.

Here’s hoping that everybody could be inspired by his example!

“One of Irosin’s modern day heroes. Thank you very much, Mr. Arvin Balaguer Balis, for returning a lost pouch containing more than 14,000 pesos in cash, a bag with 600.00 pesos, a reading glass and a cellular phone that were left in your tricycle. You have proved to us that Irosinians are really trustworthy people. You are truly a model and an inspiration!” the LGU Irosin shared on its Facebook page.