Do you have a shopaholic wife? Albay BM Vic Ziga Jr. wants “storage pods” for tired husbands


Some men just can’t keep up with their shopaholic wives or girlfriends, and other countries have solved the problem by introducing spaces in malls where the tired husbands or boyfriends can rest.

It looks like Albay Board Member Vic Ziga Jr. wants to see something similar in the Philippines.

On Facebook, Ziga shared a link to an article about a mall in China introducing “husband storage” pods that have a chair and access to video games.

These are intended to keep the men entertained while the women shop their hearts out.

He wondered when Albay malls would have something similar. Maybe he wants to have somewhere to rest when the holiday shopping rush comes?

“Kelan kaya ito magkaroon sa mga malls dito sa Albay..Bagay na bagay sa may gf o agom na mahilig magshopping :-)Mauran na banggi sa indong gabos,” he posted.

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