Calapan City to update its Comprehensive Land Use Plan


The Calapan City is now finalizing its updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan which has never been changed since its adooption in 2001.

The City Planning and Development Department, headed by EnP Joey Benter, is tasked to finalized the CLUP of the Calapan City

“The present CLUP was formulated and adopted in 2001 during the third term of City Mayor Arnan C. Panaligan,” the City said.

According to the Calapan City, the CLUP has to be updated to make it in synch with the present “realities.”

“After more than 16 years, the CLUP needs to be updated to make it relevant and responsive to current realities such as rapid urbanization, climate change conditions and the need for climate resiliency and disaster risk adaptation,” the City government said.