Ayaw niya talaga sa plastic! El Nido Mayor continues campaign vs plastics use


Plastics are really unpleasant, whether you’re talking about fake friends or the items that people use and throw away irresponsibly.

El Nido Mayor Nieves Rosento is continuing the campaign against the use of plastic items online, especially with the threat that they can pose to wildlife and the environment.

On her Facebook page, Rosento shared a post from the El Nido Info Center that encourages people to say goodbye to plastic cups.

These items, usually for single use, tend to end up in the oceans or piling up in landfills, and can be ingested by fish and other animals, it warned.

“May seem Innocent and convenient, truth is that the PLASTIC CUPS you used a year ago, even 5 years ago can still be found floating in our ? or piling up landills, or worse, broken down and injested by the ? you just ate!” the El Nido Info Center posted.

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