Buksan ang mata! Sorsogon Gov. Bobet Rodrigueza calls on constituents to be vigilant, help maintain peace and order


Keeping the peace should be a community effort.

Sorsogon Gov. Bobet Lee Rodrigueza has issued a reminder on Facebook urging his citizens to keep their eyes open in their communities to help stop lawlessness and violence.

But while they work to make their communities safe, they must see to it that they are doing it the right way.

He said they should join their strengths, minds, and resources to ensure that people remain confident in duly constituted authorities, the principle of due process, and adherence to the rule of law.

That’s the way to do it!

“We appeal to everyone to be more vigilant and must not turn a blind eye to what is happening in our community. We must remain emotionally calm in urging to stop lawlessness and violence. As we condemn these acts, we should join our strengths, minds and resources to maintain the confidence of our people to duly constituted authorities, principle of due process, and adherence to the rule of law.” (Provincial Peace and Order Council 3rd Quarter Meeting),” he posted on Facebook.

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