Lagman: ‘Politics will determine survival of RH law’

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Albay first-district Rep. Edcel Lagman said the fate of the Reproductive Health law will rest on politicians.

“Politics will determine the survival of the Reproductive Health Law. Whether it will be repealed, diluted or denied adequate appropriation is a question of politics,” the Magnificent 7 leader said at the 2nd National Family Planning Conference in Cebu City.

“But I assure all of you fellow RH advocates that the Reproductive Health Law is a superior statute and family planning is a superior program. They will both survive the vicissitudes of politics with the enduring collaborative support of NGOs and civil society,” Lagman said.

He said a positive development for RH supporters is the “incumbent President’s continuing advocacy for the full implementation of the law.”

But Lagman said the President’s endorsement must be actualized in adequate appropriations, sufficient personnel complement, reduction of teenage pregnancy, containment of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, increasing the contraceptive prevalence rate, and promoting reproductive health and sexuality education in both public and private schools.

“The President must walk the talk in his advocacy on reproductive health and family planning, his only agenda which has gained credit for him, unlike the continuing summary killings, dismal failure in solving the drug menace and the traffic mess and persistent inclination toward authoritarian rule,” he said.