Fun facts! Lawyer and former Albay politiko Grex Lagman shares bar exams trivia


We’re sure former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman doesn’t mean to discourage aspiring lawyers, but did you know that the Philippine bar exams are among the hardest to pass?

As thousands of law graduates troop to UST for four Sundays this month to test what they learned in school, Lagman, a lawyer himself, shared fun facts on Facebook about the grueling bar exams.

The bar exams in the Philippines is the second toughest in the world to pass, and the passing rate hardly breaches the 30 percent mark, he says.

Moreover, the tests here cover 8 subjects, compared to 6 or less in other countries. The exams here are completed after a month, but in other countries, they only take two consecutive days.

“The Philippine Bar Examinations is the second toughest in the world to pass! pastedGraphic.png? The Korean and Japanese Bar Exams take the 1st and 3rd places with 5 and 33% mean passing rates, respectively.

The California State Bar and New York State Bar exams are ranked at 4th and 5th toughest with passing rates at 41% and 65%, respectively.

Philippine Bar Exam passing rate is between 20% to 30% but in 2012 it dipped to 17.76% (2nd lowest all time).

The Philippine Bar Exam is especially tough. It is a centralized examination held only in Manila, Philippines. It covers 8 bar subjects and the exams are scheduled on four Sundays held in the month of November.

The exams themselves are tough but add in other factors and they become tougher.. These other factors include the fact that it covers 8 bar subjects and takes a month to complete. In other jurisdictions, bar exams only cover 6 or less subjects and are taken only for two consecutive days.

Source: Uberdigests, May 18 2013,” Lagman posted.

But hey, one could say the Philippines produces the toughest and most brilliant lawyers, so it could be all worth it, right?

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