Senti si konsi! Tabaco councilor Onrubia recalls days as youth leader

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Now a full-time public servant, Tabaco councilor Sheina Onrubia couldn’t help but reminisce about her days as a youth leader when she helped administer an exam for applicants of the Search for Tabaco City Youth Ambassadors 2017.

On Facebook, the politiko recalled that when she was a teenager, she herself had dreamed of making an impact on the world.

She wished the new generation of youth ambassadors well as they faced the grueling processes they had to undergo to be chosen for the part. She also thanked them for stepping up to the role in hopes of bringing about significant change.

Now this is a legacy that deserves to be passed on.

“I was feeling all nostalgic when we administered the aptitude examination to the applicants of the Search for Tabaco City Youth Ambassadors 2017 yesterday. Some years ago, I was one hopeful fourth year high school student in this institution, trudging the halls of this building, dreaming to make an impact someday. pastedGraphic.png:)
This exam was part of the tedious screening process to yield the 20 most outstanding leaders and advocates of gender and development, adolescent health and youth development in the city. Thank you to all the applicants for stepping up to make a significant impact in this generation! We were really #shookt with the great number of young people who responded to the call.
Thank you, Ma’am Elena Tasic and Ma’am Aurea Biron, for your hospitality! Looking forward to our mental health program this November!
Special shoutout to Arnold and Shermaine for your expertise, as well as to my SP and GAD staff, for your labor of love!,” she shared on Facebook.