Saan galing ulam niyo? San Fernando, Cam Sur Mayor explains why he’s having turkey leg


San Fernando, Camarines Sur Mayor Fermin Mabulo recently enjoyed a turkey meal, but he did not come by this easily.

On Facebook, the politiko shared that he came to eat the meal because of a death match between his pet Belgian Malinois and his turkeys.

His caged dog, he explained, was being bullied by the turkeys. One day, the turkeys got too close to the cage and the dog attacked.

Before you know it, the mayor was gnawing on a delicious smoked turkey leg, one that tasted like those sold in Universal Studios, Japan.

“For some weeks, our Belgian Malinois (caged) was being bullied by our turkeys. Yesterday, was the time for reckoning when the turkey came too close to the cage. Now we have smoked turkey ham. Tastes very much like the Jurassic Leg they sell in Universal Studios Osaka Japan,” he posted.

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