Bato bato sa langit! Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman laments fall of a once principled leader


Politics is a tricky business, and not everyone comes out of it with principles and integrity intact.

Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman on Facebook lamented the loss of a once principled man to the system.

According to him, having integrity and a soul are key traits of a leader. Sadly, these are among those that are lost when politikos come to a crossroads and choose the wrong path.

These thoughts came to him when he saw on TV one leader who he used to admire. He did not think this person— who he never identified— had his heart in the right place when he entered public service.

But the incident could still serve as a cautionary tale to future politikos.

Read Lagman’s post:

“On leadership. It’s a tough road. I just hope the system doesn’t eat you up.
Leaders should have both ‘soul’ and ‘integrity.’ Leaders should courageous and they should never let anyone kill their spirit or compromise their principles.
When they come to the crossroads, they should follow their hearts and do what’s right. This is what integrity in leadership is essentially all about.
Last night, I saw another one fall. As I watched and listened to him on television, I felt sad how this once-promising leader who i admired before has lost his integrity and his soul. I think his heart was never really in the right place when he started his public service career.
This is a cautionary tale for all aspiring leaders: once you let money politics your sole aim, it’s only a matter of time before you lose your integrity and your soul. This warning is most relevant today especially when I see many leaders (some of them colleagues in the 16th Congress) who I once looked up to lose their moral compass. They have fallen by the wayside and, chances are, they’ll never stand up again,” he shared.

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