Lagman: Roque’s bluster so unlike ‘moderation and composure’ of Abella


Albay first-district Rep. Edcel Lagman criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s new spokesperson Harry Roque, saying his threat to throw “hollow blocks” and “adobe” at the President’s critics was “an irresponsible response to well-founded criticisms.”

He further described Roque’s statement as “a hollow bluff so unlike the moderation and composure of Pastor Ernesto Abella, his predecessor.”

“Roque must realize that criticism and dissent form the bedrock of democratic institutions. As the anointed new presidential spokesperson, Roque must not act as a vicious silencer of the responsible opposition,” said Lagman.

The Magnificent 7 leader also took Roque to task for accusing his own critics of envy.

“Not in their wildest dreams did his critics wish to be Duterte’s mouthpiece. No one envies Roque’s tragic transformation from a Deputy Minority Leader to an apologist for Duterte and from a human rights advocate to a defender of a gross violator of human rights,” Lagman said.

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