Ayoko nang putik! Camsur Cong proud of mudless walkway for kids


Gone are the days when school children in a town in second district of Camarines Sur will have to walk on muddy grounds.

In his Instagram post Monday evening, Congressman Lray Villafuerte posted the before and after photos of a road used by residents of Libmanan.

“Before, school kids had to cross the unstable makeshift wooden bridge and walk on muddy soil. Now, Gov Migz and I built a concrete footbridge and made concrete pathways so residents of Tinalmud Viejo can go to Pasacao safely,” he said, adding that small things could make a difference.

The lawmaker also promised to help repair the Tinalmud hanging bridge and called on the Public Works and Highways to turn it into a concrete bridge.

Good way of utilizing the people’s money, Cong. Glad to know, no mudslinging din!