Di pwedeng si Duterte pumili! Edcel Lagman says barangay execs must be elected


Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman has slammed the administration’s insistence on appointing officers-in-charge for barangays in lieu of holding an election, saying it is a “blatant violation” of the Constitution and existing laws on barangay polls.

In a statement Tuesday (August 1), Lagman said the 1987 Constitution is clear that barangay officials as “local elective officials” that should be elected, not appointed.

While there are laws that allow barangay officials to serve in a “hold over” capacity until their successors are duly elected, Lagman said they are also clear that these politikos should not be appointed.

“Hold over provisions recognize that elected barangay officials shall remain in office until the election, not appointment, of their successors,” he said.

“Barangay officials suspected of complicity in drug-related offenses or any criminal act must be prosecuted and removed for cause pursuant to law, not substituted with OICs,” Lagman added.