De Lima welcomes morale-boosting visit of supporters: They feel my pain


As she battles the supposed trumped-up drug charges against her, ​Sen. Leila de Lima has found solace in her province mates who visited her detention cell over the weekend.

“My fellow Irigueños feel my pain. They know I’m innocent. And that’s all that matters to me, people believing in my, strongly standing by and with me, keeping the faith,” she said
about this visitors, including childhood friends.

“To them, my present ordeal is simply unimaginable, unfathomable and unbelievable. It’s an unacceptable aberration in my colourful life. They know and can attest that the things my accusers say I have done and or capable of doing are not in my DNA,” De Lima said.

The senator, in a handwritten note,​ ​said she was moved by the emotional visit but continued to put up a “brave front” and refused to be “drowned in the river of gloom.”

“I know why these kababayans of my are in unison, bared their hearts out, agonizing over the fate that befell one of their own,” she said.

“Dios mabalos kaninyo ngamin! Ipangadyi ninyo tabi ako pirmi. (Thank you all! Please pray for me always),” she said.

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