Andrew E gushes over Voltes V toy

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Talk about fulfilling a childhood frustration-slash-obsession.

OG Pinoy emcee Andrew E did just that by getting his hands on this SOC 40th anniversary Voltes V in delicious anime colors.

“I was deprived of this wonderful and delightful toy 40 years ago…Also being deprived to see how beautiful the color of this anime was when we only had black & white tv…Now after 40 years, I can see your true color, I can see and touch the toy in front of me…to you, I greet you, happy 40th anniversary!!! ? #VoltesV #chodenji #collectibles #toycollector,” the Bicolano wrote on Instagram to go with a nice shot of his new robot.

Indeed, the feeling of triumph is strong on this post.