Sorsogon provincial, city governments allocate P20M for college student subsidy


Sorsogon Governor Robert Bobet Lee Rodrigueza and his mother, Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee have set aside an estimated P20 million as financial assistance for deserving local college students.

The financial aid was announced on Facebook Saturday (June 3) by Edgar Balasta, president of non-government organization (NGO) Prisaa-Bicol.

“The subsidy program can accommodate 5,000 beneficiaries, each student will avail P4,000 annual financial assistance on their tuition fee,” Balasta said.

Balasta said the program covers students who enrolled in college courses at the private higher education institutions (HEI) in the city and province of Sorsogon.

Governor Rodrigueza and Mayor Lee came up with the project following a series of dialogues with the heads of local private and public tertiary schools. It was learned during the meetings that financial problems were the main cause of college dropouts.

All participating HEIs get to screen and accept applicants to the subsidy program. The bill will then be submitted to the city and provincial government for payment.

The program aims to cover up to 60 percent of all local college students.