Pinatay ang sarili: Congress committed ‘hara-kiri’ over joint session debacle–Lagman


Albay 1st district Rep. Edcel Lagman says Congress’s refusal to convene in a joint session to tackle the recent Martial Law declaration as mandated by the 1987 Charter is like committing “hara-kiri” as an institution.

“The House of Representatives and the Senate, through their respective leaders with the concurrence of the majority, have committed hara-kiri by depreciating their constitutional powers and abandoning the first line of review against an improvident and unwarranted declaration of Martial Law,” Lagman said in the press conference Tuesday (May 30), reading a prepared statement.

Hara-kiri is the Japanese ritual of disembowelment, thus a form of suicide.

Lagman, who belongs to the opposition bloc, claimed that the non-holding of the joint session was a “coordinated and contrived” move on the part of the HOR and Senate, which are teeming with administration allies.

“Subservience to the President is a disservice to the Constitution,” stressed the solon, who is challenging President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao last May 23.

Duterte placed the southern islands under military rule after ISIS-linked Maute Group members tried to take over Marawi City.

The lawmakers, in a joint session, may vote to revoke Duterte’s proclamation. The mechanism is a constitutional safeguard against Martial Law.