Sakit sa ilong! Naga dumpsite closure only 10 percent done


The City Government of Naga is not close to shutting down the Balatas Dumpsite, which for years has caused a problematic stench in the locality.

Engineer Joel Martin of the Naga Solid Waste Management office told Brigada News FM Naga Friday (May 26) that the closure of the dumpsite is only 10 percent complete.

It was way back in January when it was reported that the local government under Mayor John Bongat allocated P21 million for the dumpsite’s closure.

Martin said the slow process is due to the fact that the two excavators contracted for the activity have yet to arrive.

It should be noted that open dumpsites are prohibited under Republic Act (RA) no.9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

The foul odor from the Balatas Dumpsite has hounded the administration of past mayors.