CamSur Cong Bordado crosses out Aguirre in bucket list


Camarines Sur 3rd district Rep. Gabriel Bordado Jr. just crossed out an item in his legislative bucket list, thanks to a recent joint House panel hearing.

This bucket list item had to do with interpellating one of the more important members of President Rodrigo Duterte’s Cabinet.

“QUESTIONING THE JUSTICE SECRETARY: I finally had the opportunity to interpellate Secretary of Justice VITALIANO AGUIRRE during the joint hearing of the COMMITTEE ON JUSTICE and the COMMITTEE ON GOOD GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY (where I am the vice chairman) this morning,” Cong Gabby said on a Facebook post.

Aguirre sat as resource person in the House inquiry on the controversial TADECO-BuCor Joint Venture Agreement (JVA).

Does the politiko sound happy with his achievement or what?