Illegal fishers caught on boat of CamNorte town mayor’s son


This mayor’s son from the municipality of Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte probably thinks he’s above the law.

A Brigada News FM Daet report Monday (April 10) said that Bantay Dagat and Governor’s Task Force operatives caught red-handed a group of individuals using the illegal fishing tool “boli-boli” in the waters near Jose Panganiban town.

According to the report, the boat used by the illegal fishers belonged to the son of Sta. Elena town’s mayor, who was identified only as a “Mr. Mendoza.”

Boli-boli is an an active gear that uses fine mesh net at the tail. It is banned under the fishery laws. Authorities seized the equipment while the fishermen themselves were nabbed.

Governor’s Task Force head Ronnie Bardon subsequently warned locals not to engage in illegal fishing activities as this would be disadvantageous to the entire fishing community.