Iba na kasi ang galawan: Grex Lagman gives piercing message to magistrates


Please check those “political biases” out the courtroom door.

This was former Albay 1st district Rep. Grex Lagman’s message to Philippine magistrates amid the apparent move to acquit Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the multi-billion peso “pork barrel” scam.

Lagman, a lawyer, expressed concern over this development amid the noticeable “shift” in how the Supreme Court (SC) or the entire Judiciary has been conducting its business under President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

“Judicial Independence 101, an increasingly populist SC and Political Accommodations Galore!
Heto na naman si Solicitor General Jose Calida moving for the acquittal o ang pagwawalang sala kay pork barrel queen, Janet Napoles sa kasong Serious Illegal Detention. Hu-waw, ha!?!”he wrote on Facebook with a sarcastic tone.

“The looming SHIFT in the Judiciary’s role in interpreting our laws and HOW it actually inteprets (soc) them as well as to WHOSE advantage in terms of policy directions these interpretations pertain will again be tested on the heels of Calida’s manifestation,” he noted.

Lagman reckoned that recently, the Judiciary has been allowing itself to be influenced by “political power brokers and chief influence peddlers” as evidenced by their recent controversial decisions. He didn’t single out any case.
Still, the ex-politiko asked the SC to shield itself from these “bad influences.”

“Maintain your judicial independence in the face of an inordinately influential executive. Just interpret the laws fairly. Without fear or favor. Do NOT include your political biases nor act as if you have political capital to protect. You are magistrates not politicians,” he said.

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