Praning na? Lagman smells Martial Law in gov’t war with Reds

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Don’t look now, but Albay 1st Rep. Edcel Lagman thinks that the “all-out war” between the Philippine government and Communist rebels could lead to the declaration of Martial Law by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Lagman claimed that the renewal of hostilities from both sides “will be giving incentive or fuel to attempts to declare Martial Law”.

“It will not only abrogate the peace process but it could also intensify a determination to declare Martial law based on the all out war against supposed rebels,” the veteran lawmaker told a press conference Tuesday, February 7.

That same day, the Department of National Defense (DND) declared an all out war against the Reds following the suspension of peace talks between the government and National Democratic Front (NDF).

“We remind the president that any declaration of Martial law should be based on the constitution and must respect the recent declaration of our people that they don’t want the revival of Martial Law,” Lagman said. #