To infinity and beyond! Salceda’s space agency bill moves forward

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Albay 2nd district Rep. Joey Salceda’s proposal to create a Philippine space development and utilization policy as well as a Philippine Space Agency (PSA) has begun to gain traction at the House of Representatives (HOR).

This, after the House Committees on Government Reorganization and Science and Technology approved the creation of a technical working group (TWG) to consolidate Salceda’s bill with other similar measures that aim to address the growing need for a more secure and independent access to space.

Salceda’s pitch for a space development and utilization policy and PSA are both mentioned in his House Bill (HB) no.4367.

The Philippine space policy will serve as the country’s primary strategic roadmap for space development. It embodies the country’s central goal of becoming a space-capable and space-faring nation within the next decade.

Meanwhile, the PSA will be the central government agency which will address all national issues and activities related to space science and technology applications.

The TWG will try to harmonize four proposed measures in total. #