Anyare? Salceda bill to address sorry state of IT in PH


Albay 2nd district Rep. Joey Salceda has moved to save the floundering state of Information Technology (IT) in the Philippines.

Salceda authored and filed House Resolution (HR) no. 722, which urges Congress to look into the current situation of IT and computer science education in the country as well as formulate measures that would improve the quality of graduates from this field.

The Bicolano solon directed his request to the Committees on Information and Communications Technology and Higher and Technical Education.

In his resolution, Salceda noted that Filipino students haven’t received exemplary marks based on the assessment tool PROXOR as far as their programming skills were concerned.

“The results sadly showed that 53 percent of Filipino students assessed could not code at entry-level programming versus 35 percent of global students, 43 percent of Filipino students assessed could code at entry-level programming skills versus 47 percent of global students, and 4 percent of Filipino students assessed possessed excellent programming skills versus 18 percent of global students,” it read.

Salceda said PROXOR is a skills-based tool developed at the Computer Science department of the Carnegie Mellon University.

“The current state is grievously distributing as it will undermine the competitiveness of the Philippines,” he further commented. #