Robin Padilla discusses fam’s political background

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Most of us know Robin Padilla as either the hot-headed action star or the mellowed-down, awesome actor that he became later in his career.

But for those who are unaware of it, the man’s political pedigree is also quite impressive.

On this Instagram post, the actor talks about his father, the late Roy Padilla Sr. who for a time served as Camarines Norte Governor.

Robin then hailed Carlos Roy Padilla (Roy Padilla Jr.) as a politiko who was “undefeated in all his political campaigns with exceptional organizational skill and acumen winning landslide victories”.

If he really puts his heart into it, we think Robin the actor can also become Robin the politiko.

Exactly today at this time my father died.. Roy Padilla Sr. (born Casimero Ruiz Padilla) was a Governor of the Philippine province of Camarines Norte, a member of Corazon Aquino's People Power ticket.[1] He was succeeded by his son, Roy Padilla Jr.He went on to use the name 'Carlos Roy Padilla' on his earlier stint as an actor and director. He was four-time Mayor of bayside town Jose Panganiban, SSS Commissioner, Vice Governor of Camarines Norte, Representative to Batasang Pambansa and Governor of Camarines Norte. Undefeated in all his political campaigns with exceptional organizational skill and acumen winning landslide victories. He won every precinct in Camarines Norte when he ran as Vice Governor, unprecedented up to now, his vote far higher than all the votes of his partymates taken together. Even his assassination failed to mar his polls record when his replacement Casimiro Roy Aquino Padilla, Jr. won by 20,000 majority and went on to carve his own excellent record inspired by his father. Organizer and National President of National Mines and Allied Workers Union, an epitome in labor unionism in the country with tens of thousands of members, mostly in mining industry, nationwide, at its peak. President after his tenure as Vice-President of Miners' International Federation based in England U.K. He was a delegate of Philippines to International Labor Organization of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland representing Labor.He was assassinated on January 17, 1988 on the eve of national elections in Labo, Camarines Norte. He was 61, and buried in Camarines Norte.

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