Batocabe: Tax the vain, not the poor


AKO-Bicol Party-list Rep. Rodel Batocabe said the vain and not the ordinary Filipino should be the ones slapped with heftier taxes.

As such, Batocabe is asking the Department of Finance (DOF) to formulate a tax proposal on the burgeoning Philippine beauty industry instead of hiking fuel prices by imposing a higher excise tax.

“While the poor can avoid the use of beauty products, they however, cannot avoid using public transportation or purchasing basic commodities. So why not impose the additional tax on an equally stable industry?” the Bicolano solon pointed out.

He noted that the local vanity industry has an estimated worth of P200 billion and has “remained relatively unregulated”.

Batocabe said that an excise tax will increase the price of diesel, which will in turn raise the cost of transportation as well as the price of goods and commute. He said this will affect Filipinos below the poverty line no matter what.

“In comparison, any increase of price for beauty and cosmetic products and services shall only be shouldered by those who choose to and can afford it.”

“Raising the 20 percent excise tax on perfume and toilet waters to 30 percent would be preferable than any rise in our fuel prices,” he said.

The additional revenue could then be used to fund the government’s planned major infrastructure projects.