Grex Lagman hilariously passes off ‘Oro’ dog scene as EJK


Former Albay congressman Grex Lagman trolled on Facebook President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration over the controversial dog slaughter scene of 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival entry, “Oro”.

Lagman rather sounded dejected at the start of his post as he wrote about the tragic death of his pet Chow Chow, “Truffles”.

He then segued into the Oro canine controversy which he claims had him “grieving and angry”.

It didn’t take long for him to crack a joke at the expense of the Duterte government’s all-it war against drug offenders.

“Some people didn’t really give a hoot as the dogs were suspected drug mules/ users/pushers anyway. At ‘nanlaban’ naman daw. The director also found no reason to afford them ‘cardboard justice ‘,” Lagman wrote.

The Oro scene showed the slaughter of dogs for their meat, not because they “resisted arrest” over suspicion of committing illegal drug crimes.

The hilarious scenario suggested by the ex-politiko was a clear dig at the current government, particularly in the light of the persisting extra-judicial killings (EKJs).

In the end, Lagman, a lawyer, rejected Oro producers’ claim that it was OK to portray the killing of animals in he way that it did.

“Seriously, the pursuit of authenticity in filmmaking does not include the artistic license to violate our Animal Welfare Act. #RipTruffles #NoToAnimalCruelty,” he said.