Sayang naman! Casiguran LGU in Sorsogon fails to optimize P18M dev’t fund


The municipality of Casiguran in Sorsogon failed to fully utilize the use of its P18.06 million development fund in 2015, leaving behind 10 projects not fully implemented by the end of the year, state auditors said.

In a 2016 report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said the municipality appropriated P18,051,797.61 as development fund in 2015, including the continuing appropriation of P4,004,948.01.

But auditors said the municipality has not fully implemented 10 projects worth P8,700,495.92, comprising 48 percent of the 21 projects targeted for implementation in 2015.

Auditors said the unimplemented appropriation of P8,700,495.92 is 48.2 percent of the total appropriation of P18,051,797.61.

The totally unimplemented projects include reconstruction of boundary marker, pier rehabilitation project, and construction of concrete barriers with repair of riprap; whereas the projects reported to be ongoing include rehabilitation of the Philippine National Police building, construction of drainage canal in the New Interfaith Cemetery, operation and maintenance of the Boton flood protection works, rehabilitation of Trece Martires-Sitio Cabungahan farm to market road, among others.

Auditors noted that there was no data provided as to the specific start date of the project, specific target of completion, and duration as to the number of contract days.

Auditors also observed that the municipal engineer’s office had no adequate records or information for most of the development fund projects.

Also, only three of the 21 projects were properly monitored by the municipal engineer’s office, the auditors said.

Auditors said the partial utilization of the development fund “resulted to the non-achievement of the purpose for which it was established, to the disadvantage of the residents.”

The COA urged the municipal mayor Edwin Hamor to maximize the utilization of the development fund, and implement the programs, projects and activities within the targeted time frame to achieve the socio-economic and environmental outcomes.

The local government unit vowed to comply with the audit recommendation.

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