Marcos heirs ‘closer than ever’ to Malacañang, warns Bayan-Bicol


For Bayan-Bicol, the burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) is part of the grand plan of the Marcos family to get back in the Palace.

“The Marcos burial is not the end game for the dictator’s heirs. It is just another step in their unending efforts to return to Malacañang, on or before 2022,” the group said in a statement on November 25, coinciding with the Black Friday protests all over the country.

The mass demonstrations were made in condemnation of the former strongman’s hero’s burial.

“When we say ‘Never Again’ now, it is with the greatest sense of urgency and concern. The dictator’s heirs are now closer than ever to achieving their return to the highest seat of power,” warned Bayan-Bicol.

“[President Rodrigo] Duterte is accountable for the burial. We demand the reversal of the burial and for Duterte to once and for all abandon his alliance with the Marcoses,” it added, echoing the call of other leftist groups.

Duterte was the one who first ordered Marcos’s interment at the LNMB in Taguig City. He did so back in August, his second month in office as Chief Executive.

Duterte, a self-confessed Marcos fanboy, vowed to give the late president a hero’s burial even when he was still campaigning to be president.