CamSur solon Gabriel Bordado Jr. on FOI: Now na!


Here’s one Bicol-flavored trivia that puts the sought freedom of information act in it’s proper perspective.

“Did you know that the first ever version of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION bill was filed by the great Nagueno RAUL S. ROCO during the 8th Congress of the Philippines (1987-1992)?” Camarines Sur 3rd district Rep. Gabriel Bordado Jr. wrote on his Facebook.

“Up to now (after almost 30 years!), however, it has yet to see the light of the day, so to speak,” the added solon.

On the same post, Cong Gabby said he’s crossing his fingers that the 17th Congress would be time that the FOI bill finally gets enacted.

“As the millennials put it, NOW NA!!!” the politiko said.