Daet, CamNorte fails to allot required share for gender dev’t


State auditors scored the municipal government of Daet in Camarines Norte for its failure to appropriate the required five percent share in the total budget for gender and development fund in 2015.

In a 2016 report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said the municipality’s appropriation for GAD fund was only 4.27 percent, instead of five percent of the total 2015 budget of P225,954,774.

The municipality earmarked P9.642 million GAD fund, which represents only 4.27 percent of the total budget appropriation.

Auditors said the GAD fund should have been P11,297,738 .70 or five percent of the total budget.

“Thus, it indicates that programs, projects and activities for GAD undertaken during the year were limited,” auditors said.

Auditors also said of the GAD fund, only P8,803,680.53 or 91 percent was utilized for GAD programs in 2015.

“As the result, this deficiency deprived the intended beneficiaries of the benefits that may be derived from the said programs,” auditors said.

The COA urged the municipal mayor Tito Sarion to require the municipal budget officer to ensure that at least five percent of the budget be earmarked for GAD, as well as to exert effort to fully implement the funds for the benefit of the constituents.