P1.32M dev’t projects in Barcelona, Sorsogon unimplemented in 2015


The municipality of Barcelona in Sorsogon failed to implement eight development projects worth P1.32 million in 2015, depriving the constituents of the benefit from the fund, state auditors said.

In a 2016 report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said the municipality failed to optimize P1.32 million worth of development projects not implemented in 2015 – concreting of barangay road, construction of foot road, installation of streetlights, repair of health centers, integrated coastal management program, and stage roofing at the Fabrica Elementary School.

The municipal government told the auditors that they were about to implement the projects until Typhoon Nona struck the province in 2015, knocking down communication facilities and preventing the municipal government from posting the bidding opportunities in PhilGeps.

The municipality vowed to post the bidding opportunities on Feb. 2016. It said the implementation of the projects are ongoing.

“The failure of the municipality to optimally use the P1.32 million resulted in loss of potential benefits supposed to have been realized by beneficiaries,” the auditors said.

The municipality said members of the Bids and Awards Committee also focused their efforts on the relief operations before the end of 2015.

The COA urged municipal mayor Manuel Fortes Jr. to ensure the full implementation of the development fund projects.

The development fund, or 20 percent of the internal revenue allotment, should contribute to the attainment of desirable socio-economic development and environmental management outcomes, and should partake the nature of investment or capital expenditures, according to a joint circular.